Successful C-TPAT Validation

Date:2016-5-20   Author:root   Hist:4649times   Key:news

Successful  C-TPAT  Validation

Congratulations on the successful Joint validation for Zhuhai Shichang Metals LTD. by China-United States Joint Validation Team on 10th Mar. 2016.

We Zhuhai Shichang Metals LTD. have achieved C-TPAT certificate issued by vice chief of customs Mr. Xue Yuan of the Gongbei Customs on the morning of March 17, 2016.

It means that our enterprise has qualified "VIP" of Customs clearance in the United States and to be considered low risk, so our goods exported to the United States can enjoy low inspection rate (i.e. reduced examination rates for our importers), expedited Customs clearance, and many other Customs and trade facilitation.



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